To increase cognitive awareness and improvement by providing scientifically proven training


StickXfit exercises the brain, increasing cognitive abilities that initiates physical fitness for a healthier everyday lifestyle


Your body is designed to move in all planes of motion. Training in StickXfit enables your body  to move in 3 dimensional movements. Suitable for all levels of fitness and experience, StickXfit is a fun, energising and dynamic training program developed to keep you fit, stimulate and improve co-ordination and enhance mind-body connection for daily activities


StickXfit is a new innovative and unique fitness program utilising double sticks. Training with sticks creates a fantastic core base of Ambidexterity, Co-ordination, Cross Lateral Training, Multi -Tasking and Flow of Movements.

StickXfit also creates an increased level of Hand-Eye Co-ordination that stimulates and improves the co-ordination between the mind and body!

These fun-filled workouts incorporate HIT and cardiovascular endurance.

Each workout targets all the major areas of the body!

Your shoulders, chest, back, legs and core will all feel the beneficial effects of a StickXFit session. StickXFit has been created for everyone and will stimulate your body and mind. It will increase your FITNESS, make you more FUNCTIONAL and most importantly it’s a whole lot of FUN!